Coast Pine is a content provision company dedicated to sharing stories of self-discovery found through travel, adventure, and slow-living. Started as en experiment by photographer Will Vastineas a way to document his commitment to living a different and better life, but built with the desire to engage others that are living a life of intention and quality. Founded in the fall of 2018, Coast Pine has been helping create quality content for brands that embody mindful outdoor pursuits, open fire cooking, locally sourced goods and makers dedicate to purposeful and crafted living.

The point is to consciously engage with nature, with life, and with the world around us. When we find ourselves out in nature, the trivial falls to the side. Nature right sizes us. It reminds us of how small we are in comparison. It realigns our priorities on things that matter. In turn, allowing us to focus on what we truly care about and giving us the freedom to live a life with intention. 

The hope is to become a source of inspiration to others, encouraging them to actively seek and explore the outdoors and slow-living. The vision is to engage. Coast Pine is an extension of the things Will is passionate about. 

Inspired by and based on Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest